149 boxers registered for the 2019 edition

Registered boxers 30.4.2019   KIDS (2007-2008)  D30 Yahya Rashid Laouini FIN Roni Berg FIN D33 Valtteri Lehtiniemi FIN D36 Donart Xhaferi FIN Vladislav Pavlov RUS Hussen Haidari FIN Sebastian Autio FIN Sören Kauremaa FIN D42 Alfie [...]

33rd Pirkka Tournament in May 2019

The 33rd international Pirkka Tournament will be held on 4th - 5th of May 2019 in Tampere. Both club and national teams are welcome. Book your travel early and start preparing your trip to Finland. [...]

List of entries by 2nd of May 2018

Here you can find all the updated entries by 2nd of May 2018. Entries Pirkka 2018 It is still possible to enter boxers to the tournament, however from now on the entry fee is 40€/boxer.

7 countries participating in the 2018 edition

Clubs from seven countries have sent their entries to the 2018 edition of Pirkka Tournament. Teams from Finland, Sweden, Norway, Estonia, Russia, Germany and Wales will be participating in the tournament. Total number of entries [...]

180 boxers registered now!

For the 2017 Pirkka Tournament we have a record entry with 180 boxers registered on 4th of May. Boxers from 9 different countries are coming to Tampere in May. Addition to Finnish clubs, we have [...]

Home team is ready to fight for glory!

Tampere Boxing Association's own team - Boxing Club TVS is ready to fight for glory in the home ring. Here is our team for the 2017 Pirkka Tournament: Kids 33kg Rikhard Grönfors Kids 39kg Diar [...]

Pirkka Tournament’s new website open!

The famous Pirkka Tournament has now opened its new website where you can find all the necessary information you need to enter the tournament. Check our tips for accommodation and travelling and download the invitation [...]

Pirkka Tournament coming up in May!

The 31st international Pirkka Tournament will be held in Tampere on 6th - 7th of May 2017. Again this year Tampere Boxing Association welcomes all girls and boys between the ages of 11-18 years old [...]