Hotel Hermica

Tel. +358-3-365 1111, e-mail:
Prices: single room 77 euros/night, double room 82 euros/night, triple room 102 euros/night, room for 4 people 124 euros/night. Prices include breakfast and sauna. The hotel is located 1km from the competition venue. Reservations shall be made latest on 12th of April 2019 directly to the hotel. When reserving, kindly mention ”PIRKKA TOURNAMENT”. NOTE! The Hotel Hermica will be fully booked so make your reservation early! Also if you have booked rooms that you will not need, please inform the hotel and release the rooms as soon as possible so others can get those.

Other hotels

Several hotels at the Tampere city centre (from city centre to competition venue takes 20 minutes by bus, cost 3,50€/journey or 4-8€/day). For other hotels please check for example:,,

Floor accommodation

Floor Accommodation at a school nearby (700m from the venue). You must bring your own sleeping bags, mattresses etc.
Price 10 euros/night/person. NOTE: Minimum 10 people must stay at the school to make this option possible. Reservations through the organizer latest on 5th of April 2019. After this we can confirm if at least 10 people have booked this option.

Please notice that it’s possible to buy breakfast at inexpensive price in the competition venue.


Tampere is Finland’s third biggest city and the hub of a very lively region. It is easy to reach no matter how you plan to travel. Tampere has an airport Tampere-Pirkkala Airport which is only 17km from the city centre and 19km from the Hervanta Leisure Centre.

The Tampere-Pirkkala airport has the following connections:

  • Helsinki (capital of Finland) by Finnair with multiple connections all over the world
  • Arlanda Stockholm (Sweden) by SAS with multiple connections all over the world
  • Riga (Latvia) by airBaltic with multiple connections to Europe
  • Bremen (Germany), Budabest (Hungary) by Ryanair*.

* Please note that routes are subject to change

Travelling to Tampere by ferry from Stockholm (Sweden) or Tallinn (Estonia):

From Stockholm: Ferry by Viking Line or Tallink/Silja Line to Helsinki or Turku and then by own car, train or bus to Tampere

From Tallinn: Ferry by Viking Line, Eckerö Line or Tallink/Silja Line to Helsinki and then by own car, train or bus to Tampere

Travelling to Tampere by train or bus from Helsinki city centre or Helsinki airport:

From Helsinki city or directly from Helsinki-Vantaa airport you can get a bus or train to Tampere city centre. It is very convenient and the journey takes 1,5-3 hours depending on whether travelling by train or by bus.

Bus 27€ / person / one way (can be cheaper if bought online in advance)
Train 21€ / person / one way (8,90/18/21€ if bought online in advance)

If you have any questions regarding to travelling to Tampere, please don’t hesitate to contact us.
More information about Tampere: